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National Whistleblowing Advocacy Service

Experienced journalist Mark Houldey and media publicist Jonathan Hartley are behind

They offer a confidential service aimed at getting you the best possible coverage or deal in the media and/or setting up a legal strategy for clients.

The journalistic principle of 'protecting their sources' is at the core of their business.

Over the past ten years has built up a network of solicitors to help offer clients a full advocacy service. Everyday we put struggling whistleblowers in touch with solicitors. 

One of the pairs first whistleblowing stories was when they revealed how millions of television viewers were being conned in phone-in competitions.

Having revealed how the Richard and Judy Show's 'You Say, We Pay' competition was ripping off viewers they then went on to expose other shows GMTV as it snowballed into a huge national scandal.

They were also responsible for whistleblowing stories in the 'Cash for Honours' scandal as well as exposing secret CIA flights passing through the UK.

We have rocked the finance world with exclusives on the Northern Rock, HSBC, Lloyds and Barclays Bank.  

Mark and Jonathan's extensive contacts in the media and legal fields mean that they can assure clients of the best possible treatment for their media story and legal strategy going forward.

It is key to the principle of whistleblowing and that confidentiality is respected unless stated otherwise and that cases we decide to take up should be in the public interest and about righting wrongs or injustices.   
Below are a list of issues typically exposed by whistleblowers which we would like to hear about:
  • National security issues
  • Care of the elderly
  • Health and safety problems
  • NHS care or neglect
  • Abuse of children
  • Television wrong-doings
  • Company exploitations of workers
  • Discrimination and unfair dismissal in the workplace
  • National and Local Government waste
  • Miscarriages of justice

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