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Success Stories

Cloned Cow Story

Daily Mail Newspaper - February 2008

An anonymous source contacted us to wanting to warn the public that the off-spring of a cloned cow was could was due to go on sale and could therefore enter the food chain.

We had the story placed before the the cow was due to be auctioned to make everyone aware of the situation.

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Northern Rock Bonuses

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - January 2008

This story from a whistleblower revealed how bosses at troubled bank Northern Rock were being paid huge bonuses despite the institution being propped up by tax-payers money.

Serious questions were asked of the bank as a result of the story from a whistleblower.

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Virgin 999 Phone Story

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - November 2007

We were contacted by a whistle blower concerned that Virgin phone users were being put at risk because details of their addresses were allegedly not passed on to the emergency services.

The whistleblower gave us detailed information and was well paid for his time.

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Railway Fears

News of the World - October 2007

This story exposed the worrying story that freight railway drivers were falling asleep at the wheel because of the long hours they were having to work.

We were contacted by a source wanting to whistleblow about what was happening because he feared the situation was an accident waiting to happen. 

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GMTV phone-in scandal

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - September 2007

This story revealed the full extent to which viewers had been ripped-off in the GMTV phone-in scandal.

Our whistleblower was disgusted at the way millions of pounds worth of viewers money was being taken andcame to us to expose the problem.

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Bank Bonus Scandal

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - July 2007

This exclusive story revealed how banks try to avoid repaying customers unfairly levied bank charges.

Our whsitleblower's documents gave a fascinating insight in to how to play banks at their own game.

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Richard and Judy Show Scandal

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - April 2007

The front page story revealed how viewers phoning in to the Richard and Judy Show were being ripped off.

The revelation from our whistleblower started an host of TV phone-in stories which characterised the news throughout 2007.

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Update On Child Abuse Cover-up On St Helena



Following fresh information from our whistleblowers the UK Government has agreed to launch a new investigation into child abuse cover-up on the remote British island of St Helena. 

Read the never-before-told background to the whistleblowing and the story confirming the new investigation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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Exclusive: Britain's Island Of Child Abuse


* Leaked report to reveals how British Island Saint Helena has developed a shocking culture of child abuse in which paedophiles are protected

* Child Abuse victims have no where to turn as they are failed by police, courts and community

* A whistleblower tells us that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has failed to act despite being made aware of horrific ongoing widespread abuse

* Abuse on Saint Helena more widespread than in notorious Pitcairn Islands case

* Charity raises concerns that new £220 million airport will turn island into paedophiles paradise

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