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Children Wrongly Taken From Parents

Daily Mail Newspaper - March 2012

This explosive story revealed how hundreds of children may have been wrongly taken into care after their parents were misdiagnosed as suffering from mental health conditions.

The whistleblower asked us to raise awareness of the issue and we had the story splashed on the front of the Daily Mail newspaper. We are now helping to head up a campaign for justice on the issue.

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Arrests At 'Back To Work Tsar' Offices

Daily Mail Newspaper - February 2012

We were contacted by a whistleblower wanting to expose what had been happening at the offices of Back to Work Tsar Emma Harrison.

The contact revealed that the offices had been raided and four people had been arrested as a part of an investigation into alleged fraud at the company that receives tens of millions of pounds of Government money.

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GPs 'Falsely Claim Millions'

Daily Mail Newspaper - September 2011

Whistleblower contacted us to reveal how GPs were falsely claiming millions of pounds by pretending they had carried out health tests on patients.

The whistleblower's story appeared on the front of the Daily Mail newspaper.

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Government Quango Whistleblower

Daily Mail Newspaper - June 2011

Whistleblower Almut Gadow contacted us to expose how she believed the Gangmasters Licensing Authority had misled the public over claims of child workers.

We helped whistleblower Almust gain publicity and legal representation.

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Racism at School

National Newspapers - March 2011

Whistleblower Khalid Akram revealed the terrible racist abuse he had suffered at the hands of pupils at a school where he was a teaching assistant.

Khalid was delighted we could help him in his fight for justice.

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Muslim Fanatic 'Claims Benefits'

Daily Mail Newspaper - January 2011

We were contacted by a whistleblower who wanted to expose how a man jailed for race hate was working while claiming benefits.

The source retained their anonymity and was paid for the story.

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Printer Bomb Scare

the People Newspaper - December 2010

A whistleblower contacted us after the attempted terrorist plot to blow up airlines using bombs in printers.

Our source had found a series of printers with suspicious white powder.

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MPs Expenses Latest Shame

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - August 2010

We were contacted by a whistleblower who wanted to expose the behaviour of MPs claiming their expenses.

MPs were named and shamed in the resulting article.

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NHS- EU Nurses skip checks

Daily Mail Newspaper - July 2010

A whistleblower contacted us after becoming concerned that EU nurses didn't require the same checks as their UK counterparts.

The Daily Mail highlighted the issue on its front page.

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Teachers' jolly

Daily Mail Newspaper - November 2009

A whistlblower exposed how a hard-up council was spending £28,000 for teachers to have training at an exclusive country hotel.

Our whistleblower secured photos, remained anonymous and was well paid.

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Halifax Bank agency closures

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - September 2009

A whistleblower contacted us who was upset at Halifax Bank's proposed agency closures.

We sold the whistleblower's story to the Mail on Sunday who ran it on the front page and the bank has since reviewed the process.

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Foster carer

Daily Mail Newspaper - July 2009

This horrifying story reveals for the first time how a 17-year-old  placed in care nearly killled a baby after the foster mum was not made aware of the teenager's disturbed history.

The whistleblower approached our publicist Jonathan Hartley  who wanted to expose what had happened.

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