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Concerns Over Patient Deaths

The Sun Newspaper - April 2014

A whistleblower contacted us anonymously to alert the public that a heart surgeon had been sacked for falsifying operation records in which at least 14 patients died.

The whistleblower was keen for patients' relatives to be made aware that there had been concerns raised around surgeon Ian Wilson who worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

We are continuing to raise awareness and keen to hear from any relatives who may have concerns.

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Poison Pylons

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - March 2014

A whistleblower exposed how an energy firm was allowing highly toxic lead flakes to be scattered in the environment risking the health of humans and animals.

The whistleblower contacted after the Environment Agency repeatedly failed in its duty to stop this practise which is contrary to the Environment Act.

We exposed the problem with a double page investigation in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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City Bank Fraud Whistleblower

Mail on Sunday - February 2014

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how Barclays Bank customers' stolen details had been sold to rogue traders.
The exclusive story ran on the front of the Mail on Sunday newspaper and picked up by every national news media outlet.

The whistleblower retained their anonymity.

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Liberal Democrat Whistleblower

Daily Mail Newspaper - January 2014

A whistleblower from within the Liberal Democrat Party contacted us to help expose sexual harassment within the party.

Our source felt that the problem of sexual harassment was not being taken seriously by party officials.

We put the whistleblower in contact with the Daily Mail newspaper who ran an investigation and tracked down alleged victims.

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Energy Firm Exposed

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - October 2013

A whistleblower from energy giant SSE contacted us to expose its sales practices after it raised its prices by 10 per cent. 

Former salesmen- who retained their anonymity- revealed how workers are told to make money at all costs. The story ran across two pages.

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Intern Dies After 'All Nighters'

Daily Mail Newspaper - August 2013

An intern died after working seemingly exhausting hours at a major bank..

We were contacted by a whistleblower who wanted the story exposed to help lead to a debate about working conditions for interns. The story was followed up around the world.

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Victory Over Bullying Bank

National Newspaper - July 2013

A woman who won a harassment case against HBOS after being plagued with calls decided to blow the whistle to stop others suffering the same fate

We sold the story for whistle blower Amanda Roberts to the Daily Mail newspaper.

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The G4S Whistleblower

National Newspaper - July 2013

The G4S whistleblower who helped launch a Government investigation into alleged multi-million pound over-billing was represented by our publicist Jonathan Hartley.

We had Nigel Mills' exclusive interview published in the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Mirror newspapers. We have also found him legal representation.

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Pension Con

The Daily Mirror Newspaper - April 2013

Two whistleblowers contacted us to expose how companies were falsely claiming they could unlock people's pensions without them having to pay huge tax penalties.

We had the story published on the investigation pages of the Daily Mirror newspaper.

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NHS Whistleblower

National Newspaper - February 2013

A mum approached our publicist Jonathan Hartley to expose how her baby had a dummy taped to its mouth by a nurse .

The story appeared in a a number of newspapers and on a variety of TV channels.

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Snooker Match-Fixing

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - February 2013

Professional snooker player blows the whistle on matching fixing.

Joe Joglia decided to become a whistleblower after he felt he was being scape-goated.

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BBC Whistleblower

Daily Telegraph - October 2012

We were tipped off that a BBC whistleblower claimed he had been forced out of his job after raising the alarm on sexual harassment.

Our source retained their anonymity. The story was exposed in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

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