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Royal Mail's Secret Junk Mail Plan

Daily Mail Newspaper - June 2015

A whistleblower contacted us to reveal secret plans by the Royal Mail which could see millions of households deluged with junk mail.

The plans mean that people on the internet surfing on a shopping website would suddenly find advertising items arriving through their letter boxes at home.

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Prison Officer Whistleblower

National Newspapers - April 2015

Prison whistleblower contacted us to tell the chilling story of how Feltham Young Offenders Institution.

Former warder Peter Hiett also told how the authorities destroyed him after he blew the whistle on what he had witnessed and forced him out of the prison service.

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Lawyers Awarded More Than Victims

National Newspapers - April 2015

A victim of child abuse by Jimmy Savile contacted us after discovering the law firm that represented him was getting considerably more money than the pay out he was awarded.

Steve Ashton decided to blow the whistle as he felt he had suffered an added injustice and wanted others to be aware of how lawyers were making millions out of child abuse cases.

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Police Officer Wins Back Job

National Newspapers and TV - March 2015

We helped PC Ricky Haruna win back her job after she was sacked by the police.

Previously Ricky had been told she would not be reinstated but we gained her publicity and found her new solicitors who successfully won her case.

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Illegal Car Park Charges

Daily Mail Newspaper - February 2015

A whistleblower revealed that councils were illegally issuing thousands of parking fine to motorists despite a warning from the Department of Transport.

The whistleblower wanted to expose the fraud by the councils while retaining their anonymity.

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Church Care Home Abuse

Mail on Sunday Newspaper and TV - January 2015

Campaigner Teresa Cooper blew the whistle on how she had been left out of a Church of England review into the abuse she and dozens of other children suffered at one of its care homes.

Shockingly, dozens of children were used in drugs trials and sexually abused at the Kendall House care home.

Our publicist Jonathan Hartley was asked to ensure that Teresa's full story was told to reflect the true horror of the situation.

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Carer For Elderly Whistleblower

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - January 2015

A care worker who looked after the elderly quit her job after being told she could only spend 15 minutes with each patient.

Whistleblower Gillian Demet decided to speak out in a bid to help create change.

The story exclusively ran in The Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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Police Race and Sex Discrimination

National Newspapers and TV - November 2014

PC Carol Howard was publicly smeared by the Metropolitan Police after winning a race and discrimination case against the organisation.

Our publicist Jonathan Hartley was asked to ensure that Carol's true story was told.

Jonathan organised a series of newspaper and TV interviews to restore Carol's reputation and for the public to understand the full facts.

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Tower Of London Poppies Investigation

Daily Mail Newspaper - September 2014

A whistleblower contacted us to raise concerns about where the money for the Tower Of London's poppy memorial was going to end up.

The whistleblower was concerned that charities should be earning more from the £10 million raised and that individual investors shouldn't profit from the deaths of soldiers.

The Daily Mail newspaper launched an investigation and ran an exclusive story.

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Lawyers Bleeding NHS Dry

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - August 2014

Lawyers pocketed almost a third of the cash paid out in compensation by the NHS last year- netting them £350 million.

The shocking figures were sent to us by a whistleblower who obtained them from a freedom of information request.

The story appeared in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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Gagging Order By 'Media Personality'

Mail on Sunday Newspaper - May 2014

A whistleblower revealed how a celebrity accused of sexual harassment successfully applied for a reporting restriction order on the basis they were a 'media personality'.

The whistleblower was concerned that celebrity status shouldn't have added privilege. We placed the story in the Mail on Sunday newspaper and are seeking legal help to attempt to lift the order.

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False Child Abuse Accusation

Daily Mail Newspaper - April 2014

A father who was arrested  after a social worker made a false allegation that he had sexually abused his daughter contacted our publicist to raise awareness of the issue.

The falsely accused father, Jon Coupland, was keen to see if anyone else had suffered at the hands of the social worker and wanted publicity.

The story appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper and we are now arranging further newspaper, magazine and TV interviews.

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