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Firemen Sent To Medical Emergencies

Daily Mail newspaper - January 2018

A whistleblower contacted us anonymously to expose how firefighters were being used to attend medical emergencies.

The source was concerned that it left fire stations undermanned and that firefighters only had limited training.

We helped place the story on the front page of the Daily Mail newspaper.

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Foster Bay Death

Daily Mail newspaper - September 2017

The mother of a ten month old girl asked us to expose how her daughter had died while in foster care.

Baby Skyla Giller died after her foster mum dropped her on her head.

Birth mother Sarah Giller asked us to reveal what had happened in the national media to help her get answers.

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Navy Bullying

The Sun on Sunday newspaper - August 2017

A recruit in the Navy contacted us after being the victim of horrifc bullying.

Jamie Whitnall was humiliated by fellow servicmen who drew swastikas on him, wrote expletives across him and coloured him with permanent marker. It was the culmination of a bullying campaign.

We exposed the story in the national media and are helping him to gain legal representation,


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Peado Doc Exposed

The Sun newspaper - August 2017

A whistleblower contacted us anonymously to expose how a doctor struck off from another hospital for dowloading child pornography pictures had started working again.

The story appeared in The Sun newspaper and was picked up by other national media outlets.

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Zoo Covered Up Death Of Crocodile

Daily Mail newspaper - May 2017

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how a zoo had lied to the public pretending a crocodile had been re-homed when in fact it had died.

Our source was concerned staff had accidentally killed the creature when he was put out in cold weather.

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Exposed: Landlord's Racist Behaviour

National newspapers - March 2017

A whistleblower contacted us to expose a landlord's appalling racist behaviour and discrimination.

We initially placed the story in The Sun newspaper before it was picked up by the wider media.

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Ambulance Failure

National Media - January 2017

A family contacted us after a grandad bled to death following a huge delay by the ambulance service.

We initially ran the story in the Daily Mail newspaper and it was quickly picked up by a number of national news outlets.

As a result the inquest was postponed so that the case could be properly investigated.

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Gove Leaves 11-yr-old In Hotel

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - December 2016

This story revealed how politician Michael Gove and his wife Sarah Vine left their 11-year-old son in a hotel while they partied.

A whistleblower contacted us after being concerned for the boy's welfare. The story was published on the front of the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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Junior Doctors Strike

National Media - September 2016

A whistleblower at the heart of the Junior Doctors strike action contacted us as they were concerned the proposed industrial action would cost lives.

We remain politically neutral but placed articles throughout the media highlighting different aspects of the strike and achieved a number of front page stories.

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Paedophile Exposed

Sunday Mirror Newspaper - August 2016

A whistleblower contacted us to reveal how a paedophile was working at a family caravan park.

Ron Marvin has a conviction for sexual assault on a girl under the age of 13 and the whistleblower was very concerned he was working near children.

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CPS Details Sold To Prisoners

The Sun on Sunday Newspaper - July 2016

We were contacted by a whistleblower who had the shocking news that confidential documents owned by the Crown Prosecution Service were being sold to prisoners.

The Sun on Sunday newspaper ran a full investigation to expose how witnesses lives were being put at risk.

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Air Rifle Investigation

Sunday People Newspaper - June 2016

We were tipped off by a whistleblower that air rifles are regularly being modified to create unlicensed lethal weapons.

We contacted the Sunday People newspaper that printed a mini-investigation exposing the problem.

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