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Police Officer Wins Back Job

National Newspapers and TV - March 2015

When PC Ricky Haruna approached us last year her life was in tatters after she had been unfairly sacked from the police.

Ricky was stacking shelves in a supermarket at night to try and make ends meet after being forced out of the job she loved.

During her time in the force Ricky believes she was subjected to racial discrimination and is now taking them to an employment tribunal.

We publicised Ricky's case in the media and found her solicitors to take on her case on a no-win no-fee basis.
Previous solicitors had told Ricky she could not be reinstated and the Police Federation (the police officers' union) refused to support her.

Now Ricky has been reinstated as a police officer with full back pay.

We will continue to support her as she moves on to an employment tribunal for race discrimination.

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