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CPS Details Sold To Prisoners

The Sun on Sunday Newspaper - July 2016

Documents belonging to the CPS are being sold to prisoners for as little as £200. 
A whistleblower tipped us off about this shocking trade as he feared it was risking 
witnesses lives and needed to be exposed.
We contacted The Sun on Sunday which ran a full investigation and managed to track 
down someone who had evidence of the illegal practice.
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Gangs charge as little as £200 for the papers, which contain the names 
and  addresses of people giving key evidence in upcoming cases.A recently-released prisoner showed The Sun on Sunday a full Crown 

Prosecution  Service bundle for his drugs case which he bought while in 

jail on remand for other offences.

The 27-page files, which were marked “Restricted for Police and Prosecution

Only”, contain the statements of two witnesses.

They also detail four Met Police officers involved in the arrest and charge of the 

suspect, and where they are based.

An ex-inmate, who we met in a North London cafe, told us: “It’s shocking 

how easy it was to get this information.

“I didn’t want to find out about the witnesses and have no intention of 

contacting them.

“I just wanted to know how strong the case against me was.

“But I know people who would send the boys round.

“The witnesses would either be intimidated so they didn’t give evidence,

 or a lot worse.

'If this was a serious drugs gang they'd wipe people out because of 

their evidence.

“I think word went up the chain and somewhere there is a link to the 

CPS or police.”

An investigator who introduced us to the criminal said: “It’s very worrying.

“Who else’s information is for sale and at what price? to a criminal’s lawyer.

“They should not have these documents through a contact in the CPS as 

they are meant for the police and prosecution only.

“I know that the same person who has arranged this has done it in

 other cases too.

“So there is a leak in the CPS and it needs plugging – and quickly.”