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Army bullying

News of the World - January 2009

News of the World- January 2009. 

We were contacted by the family of solider Anthony Curtis who were concerned about the terrible bullying he was suffering while serving his country.

The family felt that their only option was to blow the whistle in the media to help him get justice.

We got Anthony's story told in the New of the World newspaper and the family were delightd with article. has also found Anthony legal representation to help him fight his case.



Read the full story below:

I was tortured by racist army bullies

A DEVASTATED soldier today reveals how he was SEXUALLY TORTURED and BEATEN in a series of sickening assaults by racist squaddies over THREE YEARS.


In one horrifying attack Anthony Curtis was STRIPPED and LASHED to a bed as laughing army thugs rammed a TOOTHBRUSH up his backside, WHIPPED him and poured URINE over his head.


Branded a 'dirty Paki' because he is a quarter Asian, the screaming teenager was also wrestled to the ground and held down while a laughing soldier WIPED his bare bottom all over his face.


Now Anthony—who has taken part in the famous changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace—has come forward to tell his terrifying story after the News of the World revealed how Prince Harry called an army pal "our little Paki friend".


"I was called a Paki from my very first day in the Army and it never stopped," says Anthony.




"All I ever wanted was to fight for my country alongside my comrades. It had always been my dream. But some of them even told me, 'If you go to Afghanistan we'll shoot you and leave you there because you are a dirty Paki'.


"They picked on me because of my dark skin which I get from my Asian grandfather. I hate the Army now. My time there made me feel suicidal. I wish I'd never joined."


Shattered Anthony, now 20, is now on sick leave—and his shameful three-year ordeal is the subject of a top-level Army investigation.


Anthony had no idea of the nightmare in store when he joined up in 2005 aged 16. "I presumed I'd make friends. I thought it would be like Band of Brothers," he says. "I wanted to become a sergeant major one day and make my family proud."


But he hadn't been in infantry training at Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridgeshire long before comrades started calling him a "Paki".

Anthony says: "I was racially abused a lot in the Army. Sometimes I'd show my passport and say, 'I AM British—look!' I got stuck into work to try and earn their respect. I was the best in rifle shooting and did well in physical trials."


TARGET: He was attacked in Cyprus
TARGET: He was attacked in Cyprus


The young soldier was relieved when he passed out and was moved to Catterick Garrison in North Yorks. "I thought it would stop when I was no longer the new boy—but it just continued."


And when he moved to the Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, London, to join his comrades in Prince Charles' Mercian Regiment in 2006 the violence began in earnest.

Almost as soon as he arrived a soldier yelled at him: "You Paki b*****d! Go back to your own country!" But worse was to come. "If I lined up at meals I got punched in the ribs and pushed to the back of the queue," says Anthony.


"On parades I was always punched in the back of the head. I kept praying it would stop."


Desperate Anthony even rang his MUM and asked her to intervene. Shop assistant Maria, 38, told us: "He said he wanted to come home. I told him to stick it out. He had to stand up for himself."


Anthony's ordeal was to escalate during a training exercise in Cyprus—the island where Prince Harry made his shameful remarks on video during his training.


A few days into the trip, Anthony was assaulted by a fellow squaddie in a bar.

"He came up and said, 'You are a dirty Paki, then he bit my nose, clamped his teeth on and wouldn't let go," says Anthony.


"I was screaming and crying. I was wriggling around so much I ended up on the floor but he still kept gnawing at my nose until someone pulled him off. I ran away."


Weeks later he was lying on his bunk when two 'comrades' pounced on him. "They grabbed my arms and pushed them behind my bed and tied them with bungee ropes," says Anthony.


"I thought they were messing around and told them to stop but then my legs were tied up.


"Then a lot of other soldiers ran in and surrounded my bed. One of them shouted, 'Drink this,' and chucked a jug of urine over my face. It went into my mouth and all over my T-shirt.


"I was begging them to let me go but they just laughed at me. They put shaving foam, toothpaste and talc all over my body, it was burning my eyes. I felt them pull down my blue shorts.


SO PROUD: Anthony helped guard Queen
SO PROUD: Anthony helped guard Queen

"They put clothes pegs on my private parts then twisted them around. They were egging each other on. People were filming it on phones and cameras.


"Two men started laughing between themselves before they put a toothbrush up my bottom. It really hurt.


"They were shouting, 'We have the toothbrush up', then they got a broom handle and were going to do the same with that. I was pleading for them to stop. I struggled like hell so they couldn't do it with the brush, instead they just hit me with it."


After half an hour of painful ritual humiliation, he was released. "I wanted to kill myself, I felt so ashamed."


Later he caught some of his fellow soldiers showing each other phone photos of his torture.

"I saw one soldier show off his picture then fling the camera onto his bed and walk away. I grabbed it when nobody was looking and transferred the picture to my phone. I knew it was evidence."


Days later he was attacked again. Three soldiers were involved. Two wrestled him to the floor and pinned him down while the third dropped his own trousers and then sat on Anthony's face.


"He was smearing his bottom over my face. I managed to get my keys out of my pocket and stabbed him in his buttock," says Anthony. "I got beaten and punched around for that."


Anthony, who earned £14,000 a year, returned to Hounslow to be put on Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace and Windsor. He says: "I did changing of the guard in my blue kit. I felt proud, the main part of my job was to guard the Queen.


"Once she was at Windsor Castle and walked right past me with her corgis. I saluted her. Despite everything that had happened I didn't want my dream of being in the army to be ruined."

But Anthony, of Derby, was later injured in a fall and couldn't go to Afghanistan with his company. When they returned, the bullying continued and he was branded a "weakling".


Finally he cracked under the pressure, went to see an Army psychiatrist and made a formal complaint about the horrific events in Cyprus.


He has handed the picture of his torture to the Special Investigations Bureau of the Royal Military Police.


"I hope that the army will arrest those responsible and bring them to face trial," says Anthony. "I think what Prince Harry said was outrageous. If racism by him is condoned what example does that set for other soldiers?


"Nobody should have to go through what I did just because they want to serve their country and their skin is slightly darker. It is horrific."