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RBS Whistleblower

Sunday Mirror newspaper - February 2019

A whistleblower contacted us to expose expensive boozing session at the part tax-payer owned bank, RBS.

Three members of staff are said to have spent thousands of pounds on lavish away days at the expense of the bank.

The Sunday Mirror investigated the story and ran a piece which detailed how there was a ‘Prosecco trolley’ to reward staff.

An internal investigation is underway and two employees are currently suspended while a third person has resigned.

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E-cigs whistleblower

Mail On Sunday Newspaper - November 2018

A whistleblower wanted to expose how e-cigarettes said to be aimed at children were being sold in UK supermarkets.

The same e-cigarettes face a clamp down in the US..

We helped the Mail on Sunday newspaper with an investigation to raise concerns around the issue.

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Army Waterboarding

National Media - August 2018

A whistleblower contacted us to expose allegations of waterboarding by army training cadets.

The incident is said to have occured at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

We exposed the story in the national media. Our source retained their anonymity. 

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Charity Muggers

Daily Mail newspaper - June 2018

A whistleblower revealed how little of the money given to people collecting for charity in the street actually goes to the good cause.

Our source wanted to expose how very often the first year's worth of donation actually goes to the marketing company.

We helped the Daily Mail newspaper run an exclusive investigation to expose the bad practice.

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Fitness DVD Sham

Sun on Sunday newspaper - March 2018

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how a fitness DVD was not all that it seemed.

Our source revealed how Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt had attended a secret boot camp to lose weight.

The exclusive story appeared on the front page of the Sun on Sunday newspaper.

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Doctors' Fears After Colleague Struck Off

National Newspapers - February 2018

A whistleblower contacted us to ask us for help to expose the dangerous unintended consequences of a recent decision to strike off a doctor.

As a result of the General Medical Council's decision, junior doctors are now not noting down mistakes during medical procedures in case it leads them to being prosecuted and sanctioned.

The whistleblower said this causes huge dangers as it's through this self-reporting admissions that medical procedures and safety standards are improved.

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Firemen Sent To Medical Emergencies

Daily Mail newspaper - January 2018

A whistleblower contacted us anonymously to expose how firefighters were being used to attend medical emergencies.

The source was concerned that it left fire stations undermanned and that firefighters only had limited training.

We helped place the story on the front page of the Daily Mail newspaper.

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Foster Bay Death

Daily Mail newspaper - September 2017

The mother of a ten month old girl asked us to expose how her daughter had died while in foster care.

Baby Skyla Giller died after her foster mum dropped her on her head.

Birth mother Sarah Giller asked us to reveal what had happened in the national media to help her get answers.

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Navy Bullying

The Sun on Sunday newspaper - August 2017

A recruit in the Navy contacted us after being the victim of horrifc bullying.

Jamie Whitnall was humiliated by fellow servicmen who drew swastikas on him, wrote expletives across him and coloured him with permanent marker. It was the culmination of a bullying campaign.

We exposed the story in the national media and are helping him to gain legal representation,


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Peado Doc Exposed

The Sun newspaper - August 2017

A whistleblower contacted us anonymously to expose how a doctor struck off from another hospital for dowloading child pornography pictures had started working again.

The story appeared in The Sun newspaper and was picked up by other national media outlets.

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Zoo Covered Up Death Of Crocodile

Daily Mail newspaper - May 2017

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how a zoo had lied to the public pretending a crocodile had been re-homed when in fact it had died.

Our source was concerned staff had accidentally killed the creature when he was put out in cold weather.

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Exposed: Landlord's Racist Behaviour

National newspapers - March 2017

A whistleblower contacted us to expose a landlord's appalling racist behaviour and discrimination.

We initially placed the story in The Sun newspaper before it was picked up by the wider media.

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