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Ambulance Cover-Up Whistleblower

Sunday Times Newspaper - May 2022

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how an ambulace service covered up details of the deaths of patients following mistakes by paramedics.

We helped reveal how the ambulace service lied to grieving familes and the coroner and doctored internal reports.

Our story was published on the front page of The Sunday Times newspaper in two consecutive weeks and subsequently reported in the vast majoirty of news media outlets.

As a result the Government has launched a full inquiry.

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NHS Whistleblower

Sunday Mirror newspaper - May 2022

An NHS whistelblower revealed how patients undergoing 'end of life care' were being left in a side room behind a screen during their last hours.

Our source wanted to expose what was happeneing at the hospital's A&E in a bid to get urgent reform.

The story was highlighted in The Sunday Mirror newspaper. 

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MP's Expenses Whistleblower

Daily Mirror newspaper - February 2021

We were contacted by a whistleblowing constituent of Housing Minister Robert Jenrick MP who had overclaimed his mileage expenses.

A five month investigation decided that he had double-claimed for a trip to London from his constituency in Newark when he was reimbursed for both his petrol expenses and a train ticket.

The story ran in the Daily Mirror newspaper. The whistleblower was unhappy about how long the probe had taken although it was deemed a 'genuine mistake'

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PPE Contracts Whistleblower

Sunday Times newspaper - August 2020

We were contacted by sources raising concerns around Tory backers getting multi-million pound PPE deals.

Our information was passed to The Sunday Times who launched an investigation and ran the article on page 2.

We are keen to hear from more whistleblowers about Government contracts given out in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Harvey Nics Redundancies

Sunday Times newspaper - July 2020

A whistleblower contacted us to reveal that the luxury retail store Harvey Nichols was planning for a round of redundancies.

We placed the story in the Sunday Times business section.

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Amazon Warehouse Whistleblower

Daily Mirror newspaper - October 2019

This front page story helped exposed alleged working conditions in a warehouse at shopping giant Amazon.

A  whistleblower contacted us because he was appalled by the way workers were  treated when he was employed there.

We put the whistleblower in touch with the Daily Mirror newspaper who set up an investigation and ran the story on its front page.

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Tower Block Fire Whistleblower

Daily Mail newspaper - June 2019

A resident of a tower block that was engulfed in flames contacted us to blow the whistle on how previous danger warnings had been ignored.

We set up an interview for the whistleblower with the Daily Mail newspaper in which residents called for an investigation.

Families living in the tower block in east London had warned for years that the wooden cladding was a serious accident waiting to happen.

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Rape Victim Sues

National Media - May 2019

We were contacted by a rape victim who wanted to anonymously tell the story of how she successfully sued her attacker.

The brave whistleblower wanted to alert other victims about the option of suing rapists.

She also wanted to make people aware of who her attacker was so that they would know what he is capable of.

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Sellafield Whistleblower

Daily Mail Newspaper - May 2019

We were leaked a video which revealed horrendous levels of bullying at the nuclear power plant at Sellafield.

A whistleblower wanted to highlight that not only was this bullying culture appalling for staff but that it led to safety concerns to have disaffected people with mental health problems working at the site.

We launched an investigation alongside the Daily Mail newspaper and together found more whistleblowers who confirmed the disturbing story.

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RBS Whistleblower

Sunday Mirror newspaper - February 2019

A whistleblower contacted us to expose expensive boozing session at the part tax-payer owned bank, RBS.

Three members of staff are said to have spent thousands of pounds on lavish away days at the expense of the bank.

The Sunday Mirror investigated the story and ran a piece which detailed how there was a ‘Prosecco trolley’ to reward staff.

An internal investigation is underway and two employees are currently suspended while a third person has resigned.

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E-cigs whistleblower

Mail On Sunday Newspaper - November 2018

A whistleblower wanted to expose how e-cigarettes said to be aimed at children were being sold in UK supermarkets.

The same e-cigarettes face a clamp down in the US..

We helped the Mail on Sunday newspaper with an investigation to raise concerns around the issue.

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Army Waterboarding

National Media - August 2018

A whistleblower contacted us to expose allegations of waterboarding by army training cadets.

The incident is said to have occured at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

We exposed the story in the national media. Our source retained their anonymity. 

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