We specialise in dealing with whistleblowers who want to discreetly disclose information to the media.

Whistleblower.co.uk allows people to confidentially sell stories to the press while retaining their anonymity.

Our links with the legal profession means that we can help bring you the best possible solutions with a joint media and legal strategy.

We deal with people in the work place, politicians, citizen journalists and members of the public who want to blow the whistle to expose injustice or wrong-doing. 

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Poison Pylons

Sunday Mirror Newspaper- March 2014

A whistleblower exposed how an energy firm was allowing highly toxic lead flakes to be scattered in the environment risking the health of humans and animals.

The whistleblower contacted after the Environment Agency repeatedly failed in its duty to stop this practise which is contrary to the Environment Act.

We exposed the problem with a double page investigation in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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Jeweller's 'Sale' Scam

The Sun On Sunday- February 2014

This story revealed how high street jeweller H Samuel had hiked its prices so that it could legally then reduce them in a 'sale' and claim it was due to the drop in gold prices.

A whistleblower who obtained an internal document exposing the practice contacted us to alert the public.

We had the story placed in The Sun On Sunday newspaper.

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City Bank Fraud Whistleblower

Mail on Sunday- February 2014

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how Barclays Bank customers' stolen details had been sold to rogue traders.

The exclusive story ran on the front of the Mail on Sunday newspaper and picked up by every national news media outlet.

The whistleblower retained their anonymity.

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Liberal Democrat Whistleblower

Daily Mail Newspaper- January 2014

A whistleblower from within the Liberal Democrat Party contacted us to help expose sexual harassment within the party.

Our source felt that the problem of sexual harassment was not being taken seriously by party officials.

We put the whistleblower in contact with the Daily Mail newspaper who ran an investigation and tracked down alleged victims.

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An experienced journalist and a well-regarded publicist have combined forces to bring you whistleblower.co.uk.

Together they offer a confidential service aimed at righting wrongs, correcting injustices, and providing access to the media, if desired.

Mark Houldey has worked as a journalist since 1981, regularly breaking national newspaper front page stories.

Since setting up as a publicist Jonathan Hartley has brokered some of the biggest stories to hit the media in recent years.

The journalistic principle of protecting their sources is at the core of their business.

Whistleblower.co.uk has key access to some of the country’s leading lawyers who can help you.     

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