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We specialise in dealing with whistleblowers who want to discreetly disclose information to the media or find legal representation. allows people to have the option of confidentially selling stories to the press while retaining their anonymity- or we can separately find you legal representation from specialist whistleblower lawyers.

Our links with the legal profession means that we can help bring you the best possible solutions with a joint media and legal strategy.

We deal with people in the work place, politicians, citizen journalists and members of the public who want to blow the whistle to expose injustice or wrong-doing. 

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Webcam Doctor Concerns

Daily Mail Newspaper- November 2015

We were contacted by an NHS whistleblower who wanted to raise concerns about doctors conducting skype-style consultations.

The whistleblower was unhappy that vital symptoms may be missed but also that that it means much needed doctors are being taken out of busy surgeries.

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Children's Home Abuse

People Newspaper- September 2015

A victim of a child abuse at a children's centre contacted us to get publicity for a class action in an attempt to get other victims to come forward and help track the abusers.

Our contact was one of the first to blow the whistle on the abuse. 

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Royal Mail's Secret Junk Mail Plan

Daily Mail newspaper- June 2015

A whistleblower contacted us to reveal secret plans by the Royal Mail which could see millions of households deluged with junk mail.

The plans mean that people on the internet surfing on a shopping website would suddenly find advertising items arriving through their letter boxes at home.

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Prison Officer Whistleblower

National Newspapers- April 2015

Prison whistleblower contacted us to tell the chilling story of how Feltham Young Offenders Institution.

Former warder Peter Hiett also told how the authorities destroyed him after he blew the whistle on what he had witnessed and forced him out of the prison service.

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Lawyers Awarded More Than Victims

National newspapers- April 2015

A victim of child abuse by Jimmy Savile contacted us after discovering the law firm that represented him was getting considerably more money than the pay out he was awarded.

Steve Ashton decided to blow the whistle as he felt he had suffered an added injustice and wanted others to be aware of how lawyers were making millions out of child abuse cases. 

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Police Officer Wins Back Job

National Newspapers and TV- March 2015

We helped PC Ricky Haruna win back her job after she was sacked by the police.

Previously Ricky had been told she would not be reinstated but we gained her publicity and found her new solicitors who successfully won her case.

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Church Care Home Abuse

Mail on Sunday newspaper + TV- January 2015

Campaigner Teresa Cooper blew the whistle on how she had been left out of a Church of England review into the abuse she and dozens of other children suffered at one of its care homes.

Shockingly, dozens of children were used in drugs trials and sexually abused at the Kendall House care home.

Our publicist Jonathan Hartley was asked to ensure that Teresa's full story was told to reflect the true horror of the situation.

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Police Race and Sex Discrimination

National Newspapers and TV- November 2014

PC Carol Howard was publicly smeared by the Metropolitan Police after winning a race and discrimination case against the organisation.

Our publicist Jonathan Hartley was asked to ensure that Carol's true story was told.

Jonathan organised a series of newspaper and TV interviews to restore Carol's reputation and for the public to understand the full facts.

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Exclusive: Britain's Island Of Child Abuse

* Leaked report to reveals how British Island Saint Helena has developed a shocking culture of child abuse in which paedophiles are protected

* Child Abuse victims have no where to turn as they are failed by police, courts and community

* A whistleblower tells us that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has failed to act despite being made aware of horrific ongoing widespread abuse

* Abuse on Saint Helena more widespread than in notorious Pitcairn Islands case

* Charity raises concerns that new £220 million airport will turn island into paedophiles paradise

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City Bank Fraud Whistleblower

Mail on Sunday- February 2014

A whistleblower contacted us to expose how Barclays Bank customers' stolen details had been sold to rogue traders.

The exclusive story ran on the front of the Mail on Sunday newspaper and picked up by every national news media outlet.

The whistleblower retained their anonymity.

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A well-regarded publicist, skilled in reputation management, and a experienced national journalist combined forces to create

Together they offer a confidential service aimed at righting wrongs and correcting injustices. 

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The journalistic principle of protecting sources and legal confidentiality is at the core of the business.

We believe strongly that whistleblowers are a key element in a just and fair society and should be recognised as such and given proper protection. has access to some of the country’s leading lawyers who can help you.     

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